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It's Reliable:

It is reliable to its core. There are no doubts about the results and the solutions that it shows. Its simple structure and reliable features convinced us to choose it as our first option or remedy to cure the growing influence of plagiarism. You can fully and completely rely on its results without ever being skeptical about its authenticity. The answers are clear and the results pure and reliant results.

Tayyab Shoaib ~

Manager Enzipe

It's Simple:

This software is an example of simplicity at its best. It is difficult to find software this user-friendly and straight-forward. As the CEO of a growing business, its ease of use saves me much time. I just can’t be sitting trying to figure out unnecessarily complicated functions. What you see is what you get, and I love it.

Ado Snyde ~

CEO, KRT Solutions

I run a busy little printing company and this software has been a life-saver. I’m not much of a computer person, I prefer to stand behind the counter and assist customers… but even I can handle this!

Sandy Delhove ~

Owner, SD Printing and Publishing

It's Fast:
Simplest features, reliable answers and fast service define this software. It does not make you wait – you type it and the software provides it. It was the first plagiarism software that I had ever used, and I’ve never had a reason to go anywhere else. I use it every day.

Cooper S. ~

Writer, Content Arcade

A week ago, I had no idea how big of a deal plagiarized work was. I didn’t even realize I was doing it. helped me out when I was stressing over an assignment due the next day. I even spoke to their support team and the man who assisted me was really helpful. Recommending you to all my friends.

Matt Wilkins ~

College Student

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